Thursday, April 21, 2011

Pansies and Smiles

 Here's to some happy days with our loved ones as we head into the long weekend of celebrations. For some it is Easter and for others it's Passover. For many it's a break, an opportunity to spend time doing something a bit out of the usual routine. May it be what you need to refresh yourself at this special time.
It is so nice to see the pansies everywhere. Now if only we could get less wind, rain/snow and a bit more sunshine to add to the festive weekend!

My girls will be on the road. My youngest is finishing up with her Masters in Fredericton, New Brunswick. Older sis is flying there to help her with the drive back. It's a long haul. For them to be on the road on a busy long weekend and with the weather predicted to be lousy it's a worry. I'm praying they'll be home safely by Monday. :|

In the meantime I'll be busy with Buddy who takes the Easter holiday, along with the fun and goodies, very seriously. While buying treats for his sisters he treated himself to an ipad.  He's saved for it for some time and settled for the older model which he got for less. Now there's lot's to learn. He's very excited about his latest gadget. He's seen it on many commercials and shows and felt he could enjoy it. :)

So far it's taken me several hours to set up for him. It needed to be very user friendly so he can use it with not too much frustration. Who knew to get stared he needed an itunes account. But that was a bonus for him since he quickly learned to download his favourite Michael Jackson album. Then he checked out what Irish coffee is because he wanted some. He found the recipe. It was not what he had thought it would be and was a bit disappointed. Later that evening he went to his dad who was already in bed and whispered in his ear,
 "Hey Irish coffee's got alcohol in it. Did you know that?" And then he showed him the recipe page on his ipad. Dad glanced at his new ipad and told Buddy that he was lucky to own such a fancy new unit. The smile on Buddy's face as he carries it around with him is priceless. :)

Now Buddy's aware that it has bluetooth and he wants to use that. Not as simple as  he thinks because what he doesn't know is that I'll need a manual teaching me how to pair things up carefully with him. Wonder if I'll be able master that?  He's going to be persistent and I love that about him. :)

There's lots to smile about.  


  1. That is so cool. You set it up for him and he should enjoy it for a long time. I've got one of the new ones on order, but it will take three weeks to get it!

  2. How sweet. I can picture Buddy and him enjoying his new gadget. He reminds me in some ways of my niece though Buddy is probably older intellectually. I pray your daughters make it home safely. I'm still at mom's and will be here til she gets out of hospital hopefully early next week. The long weekend will delay her release. I'm glad I will be here for a day or so after she gets back to "home". Have a blessed Easter.

  3. this is the sweetest story you have told so far. I acutally teared up when buddy whispered in his dads ear. love this post Heidi.

  4. Happy Easter to you and especially to Buddy!

  5. Lovely photo! I want an iPad--quick, before I am too old to figure it out and wind up like my father, who used to try to change the television channels with his cordless phone handset.

    Word Verification: trymirgy: the failed product of extraordinary effort on the part of a committee.

  6. I love your flower arrangement with the pussy willows. It says Spring!

    I am praying that your girls arrive home safely. It's always such a worry when they're on the road.

    Lucky Buddy! And good for you to be able to teach him the ipad set-up. I wouldn't have a clue!!

    Happy Easter to you and your family.

  7. A doctor I visited recently said "I hate Spring!". The comment took be aback, I thought everyone welcomed Spring. Apparently not if you suffer from allergies.

  8. Great post, Heidi.... I love your Buddy... Such a wonderful spirit.. I can only imagine how much he loves Easter... I do TOO!!!

    I'll pray for safe travel for your girls...

    Happy Easter to you and your family.

  9. I love Buddy's persistence and his enjoyment from learning with his new Ipad. It is wonderful.
    I love that it makes you learn new things in order to help him because life-long learners are amazing people.

    I love your sentiments in the beginning post.

    I love that you worry about your daughters and express it openly because sometimes I think I am a worry-wart and feel like I need to let them grow-up, but I see that it is a mother's prerogative to worry.

    I love that we are blog friends, and that the pansies make you as happy as they make me.

    Happy Easter, Dear Friend!

  10. The girls have arrived safely and are naping after their very long drivre.
    So happy to see them. What a lovely EasterSunday afternoon. Even the
    Sunshine made an appearence. ThatIs the icing on a yummy day of goodness.
    The chocolate was delicious too :)

  11. So glad the girls got home safely! You must feel so blessed! I laughed about the ipad - Buddy is lucky that you are teaching him to use it (and not me - I am not even sure what they look like)!

    Lovely picture!

  12. What a beautiful bouquet of Easter flowers. I hope your Easter was loving and surrounded by family. We are headed into the sunshine and the beginning of summer. Love and peace to you.

  13. Lots to smile about, indeed. Hope you had a fantastic Easter!