Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Lonely Daffodil

 " I wandered lonely as a cloud that floats high over vales and hills when all at once I saw a crowd, a host of golden daffodils..." W.Wordsworth

Each year the lines of this poem stream through me when I see the first daffodil. Posted today is the only blooming plant I could find on my walk yesterday. It's a lonely daffodil. You can see the buds on surrounding shrubs but nothing has much has sprouted.
Last night's summary of what families did this Easter weekend included skiing at a local resort. It has never in the history of operation been open for business so late into spring! For the business it was a best winter ever.

The weird weather all over the globe is not very reassuring. Blogging friends are located in areas that are hit hard by violent storms and flooding and it is so sad. The only help we can give is a donation. While it helps it does not give back what's lost. In my neighbourhood we are having many rain storms.  My walks have to be timed in between the deluge of rains but I must do it. My health would slide if I didn't go. The balance seems so delicate.

Though Buddy loved this Easter, he's having another spell of too much discomfort. Today he stayed home from his little office. And that means he's really not okay. He's much happier when the sun's out but he'll have to wait until Friday. He has hopes of visiting Florida some time soon. It's the sunshine state. Hope is good.

Still we need to brighten up our day at home together. I think his ipad can be used for this. Jerry"s post gave me of a great idea. Buddy and I are going to search for some old familiar tunes that we both enjoy and sing away. We'll be smiling. It happens every time. 

Right now we are in a cell of thunderstorms. Safety means no walking outdoors at this time but using a battery operated device for the music should not be a problem.


  1. The news commentators report the aberrant weather conditions, excessive snow, heat, tornadoes... but they will NEVER report that this is likely the result of Global Climate Change. The media looks at this as a "partisan" issue and doesn't want to project that they lean conservative or liberal. So science is denied for the sake of appearing non-biased. Pity.

  2. i have been watching the crazy weather all over the globe on TV today, floods and tornado and fires and earthquakes. no good news on that front for sure. sorry to hear buddy is not feeling well.

  3. Singing together is a surefire way to feel better. And the weather here in the Pacific Northwest has been almost unremittingly gloomy. We are all ready for sunshine! Hugs to you and Buddy.

  4. It's Wednesday today. I hope Buddy is feeling better and that you have a sunny break to take a walk. Mom was released from hospital yesterday. I missed the phone call so I was at the hospital in the mid afternoon only to find out she was sent home (in the neighbourhood where I'm staying). I visited her last night and will be going home tomorrow afternoon or Friday morning. I need to tend my garden which was in very early stages when I left two weeks ago.

  5. I hope the singing helps. I also hope you get some sunshine soon.

  6. Love singing too! What a great way to feel better.
    Daffodils are so pretty. Mine aren't quite ready to bloom yet. Soon.

  7. Good post. I love those words of Wordsworth too and yours are gorgeous.