Monday, July 29, 2019

Tougher Skins

   Our family has enjoyed eating all sorts of produce since before my time and the fruits in summer were plentiful. I recall sweet aromatic strawberries and raspberries both of which had a short shelf life and were consumed quickly. Lately I have noticed that in the last 5 years there are big changes in all produce so that their shelf life is longer. How? 
    Strawberries and raspberries seem to have been created to be more tough in texture both to the sense of touch and in my mouth. They no longer just melt. They need more proper chewing. And this summer the cherries coming from the USA were more hard than ever. What is happening?
    It appears that all our food is being changed in labs to create versions that are better for our huge food retailers who now transport most foods far distances and to huge stores where they need to look good and fresh in clear plastic packaging, ugh. And so they do last longer. But what health costs are going to be our issues in the future?
    Where are reports on studies that our guts are okay with changes to nature’s original foods that we adapted to over centuries? I find it scary that everything being sold to us these days has only big profit in mind. It stared with grains and has now hit all produce in some form in most nations since we now have a global food trade. 
    I live in Ontario Canada where food is grown locally but very little ever appears in the big stores. About 80 percent comes from China, some from USA and then Central and South America. We are literally at the mercy of our three huge food chains here. Sure there are a few small shops offering locally grown produce yet they also have to buy their seeds from big wholesellers and we know seeds have been claimed and altered in different ways. Have you noticed all the seedless fruits now? How do seeds get to market?
   Eating seeds can actually be healthy. Try finding grapes with seeds or watermelons. If you want to eat those seeds you now have to buy them separately.
   Along with tougher skins  on so many items the worst part of the produce on shelves now is more wax coating to improve added shelf life as well as good looks. Tomatoes and apples bother me the most. Sadly it is not the natural beeswax used but a petroleum based wax that is now used (even on some dairy cheeses).  While  all is for long shelf life  what will it do to all other forms of life not just our own? We are part of the food chain. Our bodies are full of millions of bacteria and possibly other tiny creatures we may have managed to ingest.
Will there be some changes to them? We already blame antibiotics for super bugs but is that fair? Could there be more happening? 
I wonder.
Can you list a food that you believe has remained unchanged?

P.S. I am not able to comment on some of my dear friend’s posts thanks to Google constantly making. Some work while others do not. I have tried to make changes in comment settings but with only minor successes. 


  1. Preach on, Sister. Fruits, veggies, eggs and meat--all changed. One recent example: I so enjoy cold watermelon in our hot, humid Mississippi summers. But where are the sweet-tasting melons of my childhood with the big black seeds you could have contests on how far we kids could eject the seeds. The taste has changed, and the rural relatives that we used to get fresh fruits and veggies from are all gone.

  2. I can't think of one food that is not different, and it is not just fruits and veggies. even bread taste different, as does milk and any meat. I am thinking they are radiating the fruits and veggies in addition to the longeveity genetic changes. even if you by seeds and plant your own, the veggies will taste the same, the seeds have been changed also. the food my father grew and fed us was so much better than what we get now. my frined bought tomato plants and was raving about how good they taste, she brought me one and it is the same as what I buy in the store...

  3. We can buy heirloom tomatoes at the farmers market, and they are incredibly tasty. I live in a part of the country that prizes the traditional, but you are right. It has all changed over our lifetimes. I have raspberries and strawberries in my garden, and they are just wonderful. I cannot think of anything that is the same as when I was a girl. Very sad to know it is so they can be transported long distances. Good thoughtful post. Thank you. :-)

  4. All food is changing constantly. If you mass produce, then that is what you get. There is organic food around but it’s usually horrendously expensive.
    Things need to last longer. I am also surprised how long the season for strawberries, for instance, is now. They used to be a short and sweet pleasure for June, now I can buy them from May to September. They don’t taste nearly as good as they used to do.