Saturday, March 16, 2019

Tesla Saga Resolved

  The Tesla roadside tow truck arrived and determined indeed the car was powerless and would need a complete full charge but not at a super charger. He failed to inform us of the details except to say that it was likely that it would fail proper charging there and then it would need further towing. We did not completely understand but accepted his explanation. We agreed to have our Tesla towed to our home where the garage outlet would serve as the power source. After he loaded the car onto a towing device becauseTeslas cannot be towed like convential fuel injected cars due to the huge battery packs under the body of the car for there is now way for a hook up.  News to us.
   Several hours passed that afternoon but eventually the car was unloaded in front of our home garage close enough to the power source of 110 volts known as a Level 1 power source by Tesla. Level 2 is 220 volt and it goes up to Level 4 at this time.. Level 1 is the slowest way to charge a battery. Before leaving our premises with a $360 payment for his service, the service person helped us to plug the power cord into the car and then the wall. Seeing a green blink at the charge site on the Tesla he was satisfied his job was done so he drove off.
   Less than 10 minutes later the flashing green light was off and no charge was happening. We had to call back to Tesla service. They told us to call CAA to get a boost on the 12 volt battery for anything else to charge. Who knew? Seems the car has one 12 Volt unit under the front hood inside the trunk, the front trunk as there is no engine like in gas cars.
   Convinced that we had a solution we called CAA and as we were not members we had to join up for a $240 membership fee first. Then we equested a 12 volt battery boost on a Tesla. CAA sent a person who had no clue where to find that battery. Using You Tube we showed him. He said he cannot do it and left. We called CAA to complain. They sent another person and again that person was unwilling. We asked why and got the answer that the battery is under a protective cover and would need to be removed which the service person had no experience to do. So our saga goes on. We had to call Tesla service again and after much complaint and asking why person one failed to stay to boost that  battery in the first place they agreed to send  a service truck to boost the 12 volt battery and stay on site for at least enough charge time so that we could then use our wall outlet.
   When he came I watched him unscrew the cover that hid that battery and a few other useful items like the windshield washer fluid tank. Rather impractical I thought.I supposed they did it for a cool appearance of the frunk storage space. Soon the battery was clearly visible and he set up the charge cables and ran his unit for a good half hour. Then the Tesla was hooked up to the wall and we all waited to see if the flashing green charge light would hold . It did. Again we were faced with a service charge but the Tesla dispatcher gave a discount because her first guy had not properly completed his job. At the end of the day we lost half of a Saturday and over $700 for new car road side assistance as Tesla does not include any for their brand new very expensive cars. Most other car companies offer great assistance as part of their warranty. My KIA came with a 5 year  plan depending on mileage done over that time.
   Well the Tesla took over three days to reach the recommended 80% charge. The lesson learned was always keep enough charge to get to a super charger where it can be replenished in around 2 hours.
Once it was charged I used the password and key card to sync my iPhone using the Tesla app. This allowed me to see what is going on with the charge and software updates and other function like unlocking the car and using it as the invisible key to start the car.
   I got into the car and adjusted the mirrors and steering column and seat and just chose reverse to back out of the garage and put it into drive. The screen showed my speed. I could set the car to many function including self park and even have it come out of the garage driverless to meet me in the drive. With autopilot on the software then takes over and drives me to the destination I have requested at the speed I have set. I have not tried those options. Our winter snow was too bad as was our very cold temperature, neither good for the battery usage. On a good spring day the car ought to manage 380 km per charge. I however will not have a chance to test that.
   Last Wednesday while Buddy and I were on a week away to a warm place to escape winter hubby decided to trade in his brand new Tesla for a 2019 Benz, a car he is more familiar with. The Tesla was too techy for him. His lease on the Benz he drives now was almost up anyway so now the new Benz will be owned. He is excited about his trade  but truthfully I know for a fact that even today’s  Mercedes are equipped with fancy tech that he is not able to use to his benefit. It too comes with a tablet and software updates. It is to be delivered next week or the following.
   I will miss the Tesla a bit because I took time to learn about its bells and whistles and was fascinated about how all the future cars will become very autonomous globally. In fact Porche is working on a car to rival Tesla at this very moment.

P.S. These cars will work on voice commands.Some Tesla’s already have the software to do so.


  1. I hope they don't get to these cars as our only cars while I am still alive, I would never want one and this is a nightmare. I foresee with my big What IFFER many problems. as in when the world goes dark and no electric, that is happening more and more because of all the storms and wild weather. all the cars that are not destroyed will not run, wow.... they should make a horror movie using a Tesla as the focus.

  2. Too bad that it took all that time and money to get the car fixed, and then Hubby traded it in. But in the long run, you are probably better off not having that car. I am leery about self driving anything, especially cars! :-)

  3. When it goes it goes well, it seems. Rechargeable cars are the future, that is, if the planet has a future. I take my hat off to you for understanding all that tech stuff.

    I saw your comment on my blog just now, golly, you do not have an easy life. You are what is called a sandwich carer, although, instead of parents you have a husband to care for as well as a son. With your own problems that cannot be a comfortable position to be in. I hope Buddy will remain a help to you.

    For the last two years I have done very little blogging, neither my own nor visited other blogs. This month it is two years since Beloved died; I am recovering my impetus a little and will be blogging more again. It is good to find that there are people who still come to read what I write. Makes me feel less lonely.

    I wish you luck and all the best for the future. We all carry sorrows around but life goes on.

  4. I agree with Sandra. Frightening! And voice command? What if you're talking to someone and accidentally say "turn here?" Or "stop!". Does the car respond?

    Thanks for posting. I don't know much about cars and have learned a lot from you. Have a wonderful week.

  5. Thanks for your comment on my blog. I've just returned from a cruise to the southern Caribbean. It was heavenly!