Saturday, March 2, 2019

My Tesla Experience

    Can you believe this? On October the 1st Hubby got an email to come and take possession of his Model 3 Tesla on October 5th and to bring a bank draft for the full amount.Ugh!, I was aware he had placed an order on one some four years ago. With his decline in memory I had suggest he cancel his purchase and he assured me he would. Now it was clear he had not. In fact I came to know he upgraded to the all wheel drive two engines and battery version along with the auto pilot drive mode about a year ago. This became clear when he got the details of his order. I was somewhat dismayed but he had earned the wages so I had really no right to deny him of his purchase.
   As he scrambled to get his finances in line for the payment, I began my journey to learn how a Tesla Model 3 would function. I quickly figured out this car would need several hours of how to do things using the touch screen. On the day of delivery someone would need to drive this new acquisition out of the dealers to a place it could be parked untill hubby was keen to begin to use it. He currently drives a high end Mercedes leased till the end of June. He managed to lease the Benz while I was in UK for the birth of our first grand baby in June 2016. It looked so much like the leased 2014 I failed to notice that he picked me up from the airport in a newer car.
   Now back to the Tesla experience. I began to think of it as a tech challenge as well as a memory one.. I spent several hours on You Tube to learn all I could so hubby could pick up the new car. But it became very clear that hubby would not be able to manage to drive this computer on wheels for  all things Tesla happen from a touch screen on the dash and hubby has trouble using his iPhone apps and rarely touches his iPad. He uses tax software and is able to read some news feeds on his office desktop but lets others manage his lack of computer savvy.
   Realising the complexity of driving and controlling a Tesla, I phoned his office to give instructions to our employee (who was under thirty and tech capable) that I needed his assistance. I sent him the links on how to drive the Model 3. I knew hubby would need a ride to the dealer so his employee would likely be asked. I was right. They drove to the dealers in the Benz. Once the ownership of the Tesla was his and he had a brief orientation hubby was asked to take the Tesla off the lot. Well he did not feel comfortable with his brief orientation so he decided he would drive his Benz back to his office and the employee got the job of driving the Tesla there just as I had figured. Having watched a few videos earlier our employee got the new car safely to the underground office parking spot.  And there it stayed almost untouched. Two friends got to see it and take it for a short spin.
   Hubby was under the impression the Tesla would be fine just sitting in his office garage. I wish I had done much further reading especially about battery discharge on that model. I had watched many videos on how to use various functions and even had hubby watch a few on our big screen TV. However, I bad I failed to learn a car being in storage for more than 6 weeks was a serious mistake. In fact the car cannot remain unattached to a power source for very long periods of time much like any tablet. That I believe will become an issue for those who put cars into storage where there are no power sources in close range.
   By the time I had finally convinced hubby to take the car out for a drive to give it a charge at a nearby Tesla super charger the car had other ideas. It told us it had no power left. None. So now we had a challenge. How does one charge a Tesla that is away from any power source? Call Tesla service and they come to tow the car out of the underground garage with a special low clearance tow truck to tow the car to a power source. That costs a fair bit of money and there is more to this story to be told soon.

P.S. I finished my uni course with an A grade. Yeah!


  1. this is the first time I have heard of a Tesla and this is a real horror story. Oh My... hope it all works out for you...

  2. Wow! I now know a Tesla owner. Sort of. So sorry your husband's Tesla ownership is turning out to be a nightmare for you and I hope it gets all sorted out soon.Congratulations on a terrific grade. What uni course did you take?

  3. Oh dear. This does not sound like it will end well. I hope you can get that car into someone else's hands before possible tragedy strikes.

  4. Oh MY! You know,Phil and I have just been talking today about Teslas. Like where are they made, and are they all electric? I would love to see a picture. Are there many around? Can't wait to read the rest of the story.