Wednesday, January 13, 2016


  Today I tried to figure out a solution for my photo import issues to my photo blog. It came with Apple's new version of Photos, a switch over from iPhoto. So far all I've learned is others are having the same issue and I have no real solution yet.
  Then came more bad news. A warning on my blogger work page where stats are shown told me I have to tell my readers in EU about cookies as their law requires it. Heck I have no clue what cookies I use nor where to get the button that tell others. What I did find was a page of complicated instructions on how to opt out of the stats that Google posts that I didn't opt for to begin with.
  Is it time to say goodbye to blogging? I have enjoyed all the writing and commenting but now I'm getting a bit fed up with all the pushing and pulling as the big companies bully small fries like me around watching my every move and picture too.
  I am always curious and love to learn but lately what I learn is unpleasant because fear is being pushed at me more and more. 
Are you experiencing any of this type of angst? Is it really getting bad or is it just me being negative and frustrated???

P.S. I did get in touch with the family in Ottawa and we had a great chat


  1. WOW! Holy Cow! What will they think up next? I haven't gotten anything like that, but if I do - I haven't the foggiest notion what I would do. I have problems with anything technical. I hope someone can help you so that we don't lose you. I am sorry I can't help you. I really hope you can find a resolution. Hugs, Sharon

  2. No don't opt out from blogging - there are precious few good blogs left so we can't afford to lose another one. Don't worry about the cookie thing - Blogger does it automatically (I live in an EU country and a little warning came up when I came to your blog (and indeed every one elses) It seems to vanish after a bit so just don't worry about it. Good luck with your photo import problem - I must confess I still use Picassa to import into my blogs.

  3. I have not noticed any changes in a long time. have not seen any thing about cookies. the only thing i see changing is the follower gadget.

  4. I haven't noticed anything - but then I don't look at any stats or followers. I just blog and read others blogs.

    No don't opt out. I'm sure there is a solution.

  5. I agree with the previous comments: don't stop blogging. I also got that notice, but I just ignored it. I think it's something they are doing to cover their asses in case of being sued or something. :-)