Saturday, March 29, 2014


   Guantanamera is a familiar song by José Fernández of the 1960's that folks relate to Cuba and the Spanish. Over time it has been recorded by many artists. But there is something touching when one sits in a bar or a lounge in a Cuban resort and local artists come along with their old instruments to entertain you and cheer you along.
Hubby loved the song so much he asked this group to play it a second time so he could really enjoy the moment and they did. And when it ended the entire lounge area was applauding and cheering.
What I loved is the genuine passion the people show for their art skills. How hard they try to please any soul. They are worthy of praise.

The people of this small country were oppressed by the regime that was imposed on them. Since tourism has become a major source of much needed income for the nation the people are working so very hard to make their customers happy and I must say Buddy and I feel very content and safe in their homeland. Years ago I swore I'd never go to their place but something has changed in me. I now see the need for all people to try to have a fairer chance at a life they choose for themselves and if we both benefit then it's a winner for all.
These above artists are just the tip of the bigger more spectacular entertainment that the Cubans now offer at most resorts.
They are using international material and creating some amazingly well choreographed productions with a variety of dance styles that even include the latest things we are seeing on our dance reality shows!
They work hard in the heat of the afternoon to ensure the evening show will please the crowds and on this trip the theatre was filled each night.
What was a bit sad was that some of the audience members lacked the knowledge of proper audience behaviour and carried on noisy conversations throughout. It seemed so disrespectful for those on stage and those wishing to show respect. 
In this picture you'll see a ballerina in a white next to one in a black tutu  on the left stage as they dance to the famous Swan Lake piece but the piece is fancied up with hip hop dudes in bright gear that flip and tumble amongst the ballet dancers in precision and charm.
Truly fantastic!!


  1. it is a shame that people can be so rude.. they talk in places like this during shows, talk in conferences, talk on phones in public places... even talk in church...
    it sounds like a wonderful place to visit, i have heard it is very beautiful there

  2. I love live shows. It is too bad some audience members are so disrespectful. They should be told at the front end that loud noise and talking and taking photos is not tolerated. That seems to set the tone.

  3. It is indeed a lovely song, and I would like nothing better than to hear it sung in the land it tells about. Great post, great place - and a great looking cigar.

  4. Hallo liebe Heidrun,
    ich liebe dieses Lied auch. Höre es sehr, sehr gerne. Die show muss sehr schön gewesen sein.
    Wie sieht es mit eurem Wetter aus?
    Sonnige Grüße aus Deutschland,

  5. It looks like a fun time.
    Yes, some people don't have any class at all...

  6. Hallo liebe Heidrun,
    ich wünsche dir und deiner Familie frohe Ostern und schöne Feiertage! Lass dir die Frühlingsluft um die Nase wehen, nutze die freien Tage für schöne Spaziergänge in der Natur und erfreu dich an all den duftenden Blumen. Vielleicht begegnest Du ja sogar dem Osterhasen oder findest ein paar bunt bemalte Eier.
    Liebe Grüße,

  7. That rudeness does ware on ones patience when trying to listen. Cuba? interesting.

  8. Audience behavoir is the reason Hubby and I gave up movies many years ago. Enjoyed your account of the Cuban artists.