Wednesday, November 21, 2012


We have begun to ready ourselves for the December festive times. A brand new tree sits in a box in the living room waiting for us to set it up for the first time but we have other business to complete first. Our progress is slow. We must pace ourselves to get all done in time. 
Buddy is smiling a lot these days. He just loves the mystery, the sounds and excitement that fills the air. Even hubby has expressed a keen interest in this season's upcoming events. He's stared humming carols.
One of the annoyances that are slowing us down is shown here.

Who knew that prepackaged baked goods could be so rancid smelling? The gingerbread house we had done up to this point is now recycled. We just hated how awful odour it gave off and gave up! 
A new one,still in the box and fresh, will be constructed tomorrow while many of you have your special Thanksgiving dinners to celebrate your occasion. 
We wish you a wonderful time. Feel blessed. 
Everyone deserves that feeling.


  1. I can see it is a special time of Christmas for your family this year. I love the lead up to Christmas when I pace myself too. I hope to put my tree up in the first week of December. Right now I'm madly decluttering so I can breathe and enjoy my tree, lol. I'm sorry to hear the gingerbread house had such awful odor. I hope the next one is better. Enjoy your preparations :-)

  2. I too hope the next gingerbread house is better. Must have been left over from the last century, don't you think? Sending you and Buddy hugs on this day of gratitude! :-)

  3. I am happy for Buddy, the holidays will be special for you seen through his eyes. and we are humming carols and don't want to, the TV commercials are using the Christmas songs in the back ground and we have the humming all day long

  4. Happy Holidays ahead, I can see! Humming some Christmas carols myself!

  5. I think you'll have tons of fun with the NEW gingerbread house. :)

  6. Dear Heidrun, I never knew about packaged gingerbread houses. Or did I misread your posting? I hope you, too, have a delightful and peace-filled holiday season. Peace to you and your husband and Buddy.

  7. Wow! I want to have Christmas at your house. :)

  8. I go with the German traditions. Christmas doesn’t start until Heiligabend, until then it’s Advent. Advent is such a wonderful season, I wouldn’t want to rush it. Lots of Stollen, Gluehwein, Spekulatius and other spiced biscuits, candles, festive music, the smell of pine, myrrh and spices - can’t wait. Next Sunday is the first Sunday in Advent.

    Very best wishes for a happy season to all of you.