Tuesday, October 30, 2012


  It's Tuesday late afternoon. Earlier the wind and rain let up so that Buddy and I were able take a walk in our area.  Storm Sandy had passed by earlier. We definitely felt our home shake. But as we walked on neighbouring streets everything looked fine. No noticeable severe damage, just some Halloween decorations that had fallen from their stations and a sign showing some historical old homes. Wow! Are we lucky!! 
   From the images of the TV presentations we saw what a few hours of very ugly weather did. It  totally change people's lives and it had us feeling very sad. We understand that horror, that fear and the sense of helplessness upon seeing one's home and belongings gone in a flash. For us we recall the smoke chocking us and the then our rescue. After a brief in hospital stay for smoke inhalation, we recalled our living in hotels for weeks as our future was being sorted out. Then just as we found a rental home, bought some beds, a table with chairs, kitchen items and a small TV and moved in from the hotel, I developed a severe ache. But I had to fix things setting up our new place enough for the household to be functional. I had weird  feeling that I would be unable to carry on. I had not felt well for a while. That night my fears became real. A was hit with a more severe ache. Quietly and alone I headed for the nearby hospital.
    In the emergency during the early hours of the morning I was told to have my family come by before noon. A specialist had diagnosed a large tumour in my belly! Cancer? He wanted to discuss options with my family.
    But to me this did not seem very serious. I was still recovering from the loss of our home. That loss impacted me enormously. And a couple of weeks later I had the recommended surgery. Colon cancer stage three was the outcome from that tumour but for me this was not as devastating as the loss of our home. I recovered. It was physically painful. Still it was nothing like the loss I'd felt from the fire. 
    Buddy and I can well imagine the horror that millions now have to face as Sandy moves and leaves a terrible destruction. The loss of homes from floods and even fires will be such a sadness for those who have been affected. This is not going to fade away quickly. We understand that.
   This year Halloween is not the same. There's an added terrible twist, a horror that so many must withstand. They will not be celebrating. They are in shock. Buddy thinks we should send our Halloween candy money to the Red Cross. I think so too and I think we should do more. We are hoping to find ways to show we care. If you are not a victim I hope you will also find your own way to help out. But that's entirely up to you.


  1. Well said, Heidrun. And I am so glad that you recovered from both events in your life. This storm has devastated so many and Buddy is totally right about sending money to the Red Cross. Thanks for raising such a caring soul.

  2. Great post! I'm so sorry for all you've gone through. Thankfully most of the people I know in the East are safe from Hurricane Sandy but one lady had her house burned to the ground in another incident. So sad when things like this happen. Like you I was in a hotel for months after our smoke damage but I am fine and back in my home. I think Buddy had a great idea. We all need to do our part.

  3. i knew about you home burning but not about the cancer at the same time. happy to hear you have licked that cancer, you can relate to what all these people are going through, and many of them are ill just as you were.

  4. What doesn't......
    You are a strong woman!
    How nice of Buddy to be thinking of others, Sandy was devastating to so many.

  5. We have been watching the news from the East coast several times a day. The storm really does seem to have caused untold heartache.

    It’s good of you to remember others at this time.
    When we have experienced great trouble ourselves we become more caring people. and find it in our hearts to feel empathy for those who are suffering now.

  6. Your loss is unimaginable. Your empathy shines through and is heartfelt. I like your idea on helping others.

  7. Dear Heidrun, I didn't know about either the colon cancer or the fire. And to have both happen around the same time would devastate many of us. You are a strong woman who sees the needs of others and responds. Thank you for sharing with us the your thoughts and Buddy's great heart. Peace.

  8. I was thinking along the same lines as Buddy. Instead of buying candy (which the kids don't need and most of it goes in the garbage) why not donate to a food bank? Or, as Buddy suggested the Red Cross?

    That must have been a totally devastating time in your life! I can't imagine the sense of loss and betrayal you must have felt to not only lose your home, but cope with cancer at the same time.

    But, you've moved forward with strength and courage.