Friday, September 7, 2012

Flora eats Fauna

              Amusing scene at the Flower Market in Amsterdam:

  I heeded the sign. All my fingers are still ready to point and shoot :)

Do you have any plants like these? 
Have you ever had one? 
How did it survive?


  1. Hi Heidi, Glad to hear from you... I have heard of growing plants like that --but have never tried it, or seen it done!!!! Very interesting!


  2. That's a funny sign! I've never had a plant like that myself. I think probably the closest thing I've had was a terrarium, which, as you probably know, is open at the top.

  3. I know nothing about those plants, but with a sign like that I don't think I'd stick MY fingers in, either! Glad to see you back, up and running around writing comments and making new posts! :-)

  4. My goodness! How scary! Never seen anything like it. I'm glad you kept your fingers curled protectively inside your hands.

    Did you like Amsterdam?

  5. i have seen them in jungle gardens and selby gardens but never had one. i don't buy plants because they die with in two weeks time.

  6. Hello, why would one want a carnivore plant in one's house????? I'm glad you still have all your fingers because you didn't poke the plastic! Peace.

  7. No, I haven't ever had one and I'm not likely to have one because I don't have the right conditions for it. Besides, where would I get the flies from? It takes me ages to squat them.

  8. Interesting method! Sadly plants and I do not seem to get along well. I love greenery, though!

  9. Hallo liebe Heidrun,
    so, nun bin ich auch aus dem langen Heimaturlaub zurück und muss mich langsam durch die Blogs lesen.
    Ich kenne die "fleischfressenden Pflanzen", habe selber aber keine. Ich glaube, sie sind recht schwieirg zu halten, oder?
    Liebe Grüße,

  10. A little late to the party...but! Are those Venus Fly Traps? I have tried twice. I give up! They have to hibernate for a few months each year which is when
    I lose them. Funny, because they grow around here naturally.