Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May Day

   May begins today and celebrations are occurring all over the globe. Historically a spring festival time, it has also become a day for International Worker's Rights. Groups have organized various activities to demonstrate their feeling of frustration about the way labour organizations and industries are making it more and more difficult for most average earners no matter how well they are becoming educated.
   It is quite likely that the 'occupy' movement will be more public again as the cold subsides and the warmth returns. But heat can be dangerous.
   There is too much injustice. It won't be ignored any more. The huge wage gap has many people angry. They are seeking a change.  But the struggle will not be easy. Just pray that this nation does not forget the citizen's right to demonstrate. In many places we've had to witness the horrible losses of lives as their people strive for democracy, for the freedom to do just what we ought to be able to. Let's hope we show them that democracy allows peaceful gatherings and it can achieve a change using this form of protesting.


  1. I totally agree with everything you said here. When I was young I thought by the time I was grown everything would be set right. How wrong I was.

  2. Dear Heidi, . . . like Arkansas Patti and DJan, I totally agree with everything--EVERYTHING--you said in your posting. On the news last evening (May 1) there was a report of all the protesting on May Day. Amidst that was a mention of the Occupy protest beginning again now that winter is over. So you called that correctly!

    Now if only we can move toward true equality among our citizens. We are One--when will everyone truly appreciate and live that? Probably never. But we must continue to strive for Oneness in all ways.


  3. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us on this topic. There is too much injustice. Part of the work of a democracy is to allow these demonstrations.

  4. Nice post. We should all read it over again.

  5. I agree with you but I am also afraid that the kind of change people are seeking will bypass regular politics and lead to extremism.

  6. And of course here in the US, we don't even have May Day--instead, some wrong-minded individual seems to have moved our Labor Day to September! "There is too much injustice," how right you are.

  7. Hallo liebe Heidrun,
    ich bin wieder vom Gardasee zurück und mal auf Blogrunde.
    Frage: du sprichst doch auch deutsch, oder?
    Liebe Grüße,