Friday, February 17, 2012


Meme is a word that has not been a part of my active vocabulary. When I skimmed over it today while reading a blog I decided to take time to acquaint myself with it.
The more I tried to grasp its meaning the more I frustrated I became. Seems this word is evolving along with many others in this computer age.
I have learned that the term is used to propagate an idea or image over the internet. Does that differ from 'going viral'?
If you have grasped how the word really works maybe you can help me to a better understanding? Who knew I could be so confused trying to make sense of a four letter word?

I clicked on HERE to get to the meme in one blog. The meme is Skywatch Friday. At that host page I found many images. Clicking on an individual image sent me back to the blog and blogger that added it. I suppose this is another way to enjoy followers but I didn't trust myself to join too.
It seems the Skywatch Friday site does not appear to be macbook friendly. Their homepage display appeared distorted on mine. And that made me back away from joining.

Instead I decided to post one of my sky pics without the link.
Here's the harbour at St. John, New Brunswick in the Bay of Fundy in the fall of 2010. Any one cursing(lol 'cursing'; thanks Patti for finding my typo) any time soon?
For those of you who are in search of hearts there appears to be a partial image of one. Enjoy.


  1. Actually this is the first time I have ever used the word meme. I've also wondered what it means and finally decided the word is one of individual interpretation referring to many things of a blog nature.

  2. I think of a meme as being a type of game to get people to play with you. I don't usually join, except sometimes a favorite blogger will introduce a meme and I'll join for a short while.

    I had to laugh at the typo in your last sentence before the picture: "anyone going cursing any time soon?" I couldn't resist, I'm cursing, dang it! :-)

  3. Djan describes it pretty well. I too avoid meme's though they do make regular posting a bit easier for the subject is all ready chosen and you just give your version. Some blogs I follow are just all meme's. I prefer reading spontaneous and original posts.

  4. For all of those with verification issues try clicking on the tiny ? that appears to the right of the line.

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  6. Hello Heidi, I do follow and blog via the SkyWatch meme. There are a few memes I participate in as a way of sharing my photos. However I do not like blogging only meme photos which many people seem to do. Nor do I want to follow only bloggers who only blog about meme themes or seem to have all kind of linkys everywhere.

    I like to blog about and read other blogs about original things as well as join in these little games from time to time ;-) Join in, it is really quite easy and there is no obligation to join every week.

  7. p.s. the meme homepage is also distorted on my pc and I don't have a Mac so you should be good to go.

  8. Still on, Heidi.... Sorry! I'll check your other blog.

  9. Dear Kleinste Motte,
    I've never before met the word. You just introduced it to me. Now I'll probably see it several times in the next few days.

    And yes, I spied that partial heart!


  10. MEME oh, good grief, I will not mess with it, I didn't know what it was and I have enough things to remember.

    Lovely picture of the harbor!

  11. Oh, gorgeous photo. I miss the Atlantic ocean! I can't seem to find the partial heart, though...

  12. Occasionally I dip into a meme here and there and make a contribution, but by no means every week. I suppose they are a tool to find something to write about or publish a photograph, if you have no ideas of your own at that moment.

  13. I have taken the word "Meme" to mean a concept that has infused itself into popular culture. Something going "Viral" I consider as temporary and eventually forgotten.