Saturday, June 13, 2020


June has arrived and we have had months of a lifestyle that before now would be deemed fiction .
Covid 19 virus hit right at start of 2020.
Everything as we knew it one year changed In the next. A new decade.
UK left EU on March 31. But much has yet to be sorted and during new times of Covid .
Lockdowns to prevent illness shut down all global travel and each country set up ways to make work and schools happen virtually as many die from the virus. Lockdowns keep us at home.All is closed except ways to buy food and medications using rules to protect all.
Then the a ruthless murder of a black person by police in the US set protests for black lives matter in motion and they spread globally by the hour. As of today more murders continue. Protests grow more and some violence pours out as frustration mounts and some get rough.
The Virus is on going and global  travel is still impossible. Much changes in all ways of life and making a living. Tourism is struck hard as is all transportation. Entertainment  and hospitality jobs are cut as gatherings are forbidden. Sports are halted. Even July 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games!
Sadly as many jobs are lost, wages are gone and unpaid rent leads to homelessness and shop closures. And that continues to grow in numbers.
It continues on and on.
2020 is really becoming a historical year for all. It is a hardship for all.
I am struggling to my weird brain tends to see ahead and I am not visualizing all returning to the way things were in 2019.
I am seeing all diving down to a DARK place I once knew after 1945. Hardship and pain from many losses will be HUGE!
I am so sad. The future looks grim for 2021 and later.
Why now ?
Was it preventable?
Who really knows?


  1. Your words & thoughts have crossed all our minds, I believe.

  2. Ps ... just read your profile & we have a couple things in common (married for over 50 years & a Down Syndrome family member)

  3. I did not see this in my Feed either. I came here after you commented on my post.

    With all the "excitement" it totally slipped my mind that the UK left the EU. I suppose it is hard to see how it will change things because everything has changed anyway.

    I think this time will make us better somehow, in many ways.

    How old were you in 1946? What do you remember?

  4. Dear Heidrun, these thoughts fray my mind, too. So many human beings--children, women, men, old and young--grieving and facing tragedy and loss....whether it be from the virus itself or from the results of our government's and state's response to it. A once in a hundred years time that is asking us to find a way to live with one another in harmony, caring for all. Peace.

  5. And on top of all that my dear cousin passed away from cancer last week and now another friend is in hospice care with uterine cancer. And yet, I've got to hope for better times ahead.

  6. I am very glad to have friends like you in my life, thanks to the internet. And I too am fearful of the future, but as you say, what can we do but endure it? Thank you for this thoughtful post.

  7. A sad summary of what we were facing in June. Who knew it could get worse.