Monday, September 4, 2017

Star Buddy

Buddy has for years asked to see 'The Phantom of the Opera', the original, so when we were in NY to visit family I was able to buy two tickets near the front for a matinee on his actual birthday on line. Relatives printed them and he got them at a family birthday party held days earlier so all could be there 
His adventure began with a taxi ride to the Majestic theatre area. There we walked around for a spot to eat brunch . We stuck with simple salad type food because after the show we wanted to celebrate with a birthday dinner. Service was prompt and we left satisfied. We strolled in and out of shops making sure we had water and a small  bit of candy for a stay in the theatre. Happy with our purchases we headed to the entrance area and waited with others for entry. There was a bit of a security check but nothing that stood out. Once inside we checked out the souvenir Buddy might pick and headed to our seats. 
We both commented on the ornate interior decor of the place. I took a few photos but opted not to post any. Soon the call to be seated was followed by the usual no photos, recording, etc. and the music began.
Buddy was thrilled and even I was pleased at being there with him.
At intermisson he bought his souvenir book and mask.
After the show we bought tickets for a tour bus ride around upper Manhattan and it allowed him to see parts of Cenral Park and some other highlights in the area. We stayed on the hop on bus all the way to the starting point. It also kept us busy till suppertime. On the tour we drove past the Hard Rock Cafe and I knew then exactly where to have our dinner. 
From the tour bus stop we walked along an area of Times Square that was fascinating and very busy. Buddy was amazed at all the big screens showing all sorts of media. It felt like a movie set he said.
Arriving at the cafe I anticipated a line up but we were lucky to be just between two popular times and were seatled on the spot. Buddy was over the moon that this was happening. Dinner service was good for us and when it was dessert time I mentioned that it was Buddy's birthday so he was allowed a dessert. Normally we opt out. He selected his chocolate thing and I asked if we could add vanilla ice to that and have two spoons.
Our server approached our table with the dessert set it down and lit a candle. As it glowed she burst out in a huge voice for all to stop and look her way and then she began a birthday chant. In that huge restaurant Buddy was suddenly noticed and it seemed that the whole place got into the act. Wow was Buddy:s reaction. And after the cheers and clapping stopped a few guests came over to shake his hand. He felt like a star and I felt happy for him. This was a memorable day for sure!
Afterwards were strolled a bit more in Times Square taking in all we could. By now it was dark out and all the screens were lit up the area. It was spectacular. 
But it had to end. 
Hailing a cab took some tim
e and effort but we managed.
Buddy had been a happy star on his special day.


  1. So happy to hear you could make his special day so wonderful! Lucky guy! Don't you just love it when all the pieces fall into place so perfectly?

    Happy Birthday, Buddy!

  2. How wonderful that you were able to make this happen for your Buddy.

  3. What a great birthday Buddy had, thanks to you and your efforts. He is very lucky to have such a dedicated parent! I loved hearing about all the good things that happened that day. :-)

  4. this sounds like the most amazing birthday ever and I know he loved it.

  5. What a brilliant birthday present. I love the Phantom of the Opera too and just like Buddy I was mesmerized by all the lights and signs in Times Square.