Saturday, April 29, 2017


In January hubby decided to join the Toronto Cricket Club and at first I was a bit upset at the expense of this but as he got a senior rate I calmed down and started looking for the benefits . Hubby used to be a very active Rotarian but his club closed down about 6 years ago when it was no loner possible to recruit new younger members. It seems service clubs are having this issue these days.
Joining the club has given him the ability to look forward to some social activities with a few friends and the ability to make some new acquaintances. Since he joined he has proudly taken us all for several nice meals. We watched some curling and I had both Buddy and hubby out on the ice showing them the weight of those rocks and how they move. I used to curl. Brian Orser coaches skaters here so watching skating in action created fun conversations.
A monthly newsletter of events comes out online and I have been designated to pick some events we might enjoy.
Last night we attended the club's production of a Mureder Mystery Dinner with actors being club members who have a hobby of creating a performance. I saw them rehearsing once a while back but ha no idea they would put on a great show a month later.
We arrived to find ourselves at table two with a number of members and guests from as far away as Ottawa. With papers about the murder event and the meal in hand we soon realized that each table was to actively chat about the events present in the play to solve it . We were soon engaged in conversations about the play, the meal and our personal backgrounds at the club and away so yes this was what was needed, social interactions with friendly people to lift our spirits and feel more connected again socially.
The play presented was Death by Doornail by Lee Mueller and the club producer injected two characters that were not in the original play thus adding another twist.The characters were a wanna be Tom Jones and his gal. He even sang some notes from a popular song "It's not Unusual...".
The three part play went perfectly with the three part meal. The chef collaborated with the players and set up a fitting feast for this crime  Even the bar set up a special "bloody" type beverage.
By the third act Buddy told us whom he thought wa the murderer.He chose Priscilla the daughter of the missing Albert Doornale. At our table lots of talk but the idea Buddy had was abandoned though I did feel hee had a valid point. The final group decision was that Tom Jones was the missing Albert in disguise so no one was murdered since no human body was found. WRONG!!!
Buddy was correct. It turned out the Albert that was murdered was a pet by that name and it was Priscilla the caused it's demise.

The evening ended on a high note for Buddy and we all had fun while having an excellent meal .

Have you ever enjoyed a Murder Mystery meal before? We have many years ago and we would go again for the fun of it.


  1. I have never had the pleasure this sort of fun. It really sounds entertaining! The meal sounds delicious. Happy to hear y'all had such a good time!

  2. What a wonderful story and I love the happy ending for Buddy. You go Buddy... it sounds like a really good time, eating an socializing plus the play. glad you all had fun and more to come

  3. These mysteries seem to be getting more and more popular! Though I have never been to one. Seems like the Rotarian Club will have all kinds of fun benefits!! You are so right about it being hard nowadays to get new club members! Here, our son belongs to the Lions Club, and they are suffering from no young members.

  4. It sounds like it was great fun, and congratulations to Buddy for figuring out the mystery! Those are the kinds of nights out that I really enjoy. Thanks for sharing your fun with me. :-)

  5. Dear Heidrun, I so enjoyed this post. It's a skein of real happiness. I can you and Buddy and your husband smiling and talking and trying to solve that mystery.

    I've never been to a mystery dinner and you've helped me see what I'm missing. I need to find a place in the metro area that does this.

    I'm so happy for you that your husband has found a place to meet new people and enjoy his life.


  6. How neat..... I love murder mysteries ---and even enjoy watching them on TV.... I love to try to decide who the real villain is ---but most of the time, I'm surprised!!!!!

    I'm glad that your hubby joined the Cricket Club... Men (even more than women I think) NEED socialization as they get older... My sweet Daddy was forced into retirement at age 75 --and he struggled after that, finding something interesting to do... He died about 4 years later....


  7. Ha, ha, Buddy had the last laugh in the 'who dunnit' affair. Good for him. It sounds like a very lovely evening. I'm very happy to hear your husband now has an outlet for socialization and doing things he enjoys.