Sunday, September 21, 2014

A New Season Begins

It's been a busy spring and summer. We travelled a lot and I just could not convince myself to sit down with a device to compose anything sensible. And since I had little time to read your blogs I was sure it would be best to pause a bit . 
But now fall is arriving. 
Buddy has put on his clothes that have fall colours and he set out fall themed napkins. 
It's always fun to be around him , watching him get into the spirit of things. Seasons are very relevant to him. He likes to be in the moment and he keeps me pacing along.
We are back on track with blogging now and will visit with you regularly we hope.
A detailed post of our events is being worked out. 
Happy FALL to you.


  1. Good morning ;) ... glad to see an update. Anxious to learn of all your travels!

    It's still a bit from Fall around heah!

    "Buddy likes to be in the moment"

    love that!

  2. Well in reality today is the final day of summer as fall is official on Sept.22 at 10:45PM in our area.

  3. Yes, autumn is officially here, no matter what.
    I've been wondering where you were, off to some adventure, I was sure.
    Nice to see you!

  4. It is often the case that everything settles down, come autumn. Preparations for a long indoor season least in my neck of the woods. Happy autumn.

  5. Dear Heidrun, you know when you post about Buddy I always have one thought, he is such a sweet man. A man not afraid to be himself. And to live in the present is something I've tried to do all my life. I'd
    like to emulate him in so many ways. Peace.

  6. I've seen you in my comments, and now it's really nice to "see" your smiling face again! I look forward to this becoming a habit. :-)

  7. You sound like you are having a LOT of fun. Welcome back! Missed you!